Diagnosis for Job hunting understanding

It is a simple questionnaire to let you know what you should do in order to get a job in Japan and to inform you. There are 11 questions to enter basic information and simple questions. We will send you advice from the coach after checking your preparation and comprehension degree, so please try by all means.

■Basic Information:

●Do you live in Japan?

●If yes, how long have you been in Japan?
Less than 1year1-2years3years or more

●Are you going to apply for job as a new graduate or a mid-career candidate?
New graduateMid career

●What is your final educational background in Japan?
Japanese Language SchoolCollegeUniversity degreeMaster/PhD

●Level of your Japanese?
Basic levelDaily communication levelBasic Business JapaneseAdvanced Business JapaneseNative level

●Q1:Is your career plan clear? *

●Q2:What do you want to do in Japan? *
Clerical and administration(HR, GA, Finance, Accounting, Legal affairs, Trade and overseas clerk, Secretary )Planning(Advertising and public relations, Research and Marketing, Planning and product development, Management Planning)SalesIT(Programmer,SE,Network/sysytem engineer etc)Technologies and Research (Reseach, Production, Manufacturing, Quality management, Architectural engineering, Construction, Machinery and electronic equipment design etc)Sales & Service(Sales staff, Store manager、Buyer)Finance (Exchange dealer, Loan and financial plannner Security analyst ,Actuary)Creative (editing and production, Reporter & Writer, designer , Game creator)Specialist (Translator, Interpreter, Teacher, Home helper, Consultant etc)Unsure

●Q3:What is the industry you are most interested in? Choose up to 3 *
Manufacturing CompaniesTrading CompaniesFinanceServiceDistribution and retailingInformation and communications mass medeiaITUnsureOther

●Q4:Have you ever had any lecture or advice for job hunting in Japan?*

●Q5:If yes, where did you get job hunting support?*
Career Center in SchoolJob recruiting companySupport from Japanese GovernmentOthers:

●Q6:Do you have your resume/CV in Japanese?*

●Q7:Do you know Japanese business manner and custom?*

●Q8:Have you done any job interviews with Japanese companies?*

●Q9:Do you have internship/part time job experience in Japan?*

●Q10:Do you have any Japanese friends or anyone whom you can ask about your job hunting activities in Japan?

●Q11:Assessment result and feedback will be send to your email address.

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